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Luminations® Memory Care

embracing each resident's unique life story

Our LUMINATIONS® program supports individuals living with memory loss and their families, as we embrace and build upon each resident’s unique life story. Our hospitality focus means the relationship we have built with the resident and family helps us understand their personal needs to navigate their day and maintain a sense of self and individuality. In each of our neighborhoods – Monarch Lane or women-only Lavender Lane – our team is more than prepared to create a warm and welcoming environment.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our team.

Two Distinct Neighborhoods

At Grand Living, we are proud to offer two distinct living environments – Monarch Lane and Lavender Lane. Families can choose Monarch Lane, a neighborhood for both men and women, while others may prefer a women-only venue.

Much thought has gone into designing our Luminations neighborhoods that are perfectly sized for keeping distractions to a minimum, enabling us to focus more attention on each individual resident. Each neighborhood offers a unique way finding experience. The exterior hallways are designed to help personalize each apartment entrance. Windows feature individual painted scenes to assist residents in finding their home.

Each Luminations private apartment is designed to assist with routine memory of getting ready for the day. Closets, lighting and bathrooms are created with intent to enhance independence.

The Grand Moments desk feature is a special area to display books, photos and memorabilia, keeping items that reflect stories of your loved one’s life in constant sight.

FACETS™ for Luminations

With a comprehensive Life History of the resident in hand, we closely follow the tenants of our FACETS program. We create a natural flow of the day through social, health and wellness, spiritual, life-long learning and legacy opportunities that are tailored to resident ability and interests.

Care Partner Covenant™

To personalize memory care needs for each resident, we need the partnership of the family. A central feature of our culture of well-being invites the family to join us as a care partner in the journey.

We collaborate before, during and after move-in to create an extensive picture of the resident and build a life plan that will meet their needs. From the Life History to apartment set up, providing resident comfort items, and ongoing family care meetings, we are able to continually adapt to changes in care needs.

Our assistance to you and your family extends to providing education and support through Memory Café discussions, and many opportunities to participate in the daily life of your loved one without shouldering their daily care needs.