We support individuals living with dementia and their families, as we embrace and build upon each resident’s unique life story.

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We Respect and Honor Your Unique Story

Luminations Logo - Grand LivingGrand Living offers choices to seniors and families facing the difficult decision about making the transition to a memory care community. Our service-driven care is unparalleled throughout the United States, one of the many reasons why we can support individuals living with dementia and their families. We believe in embracing each unique story we learn, and tailoring memory care services based on each resident’s needs and life story. We’re memory loss specialists, and we offer outstanding respite care, short-term stays, and memory care. From leadership down to our care staff, each employee of Grand Living fully commits to a care model based on compassion and continued learning, delivering the highest standard of support possible throughout the process.

We Keep Our Residents’ Memories Fresh Through the Arts

Grand Living Memory CareWe view your relationship with us as a partnership. In the process, our team fosters a collaborative and nurturing environment. We use every tool at our disposal. Our residents stimulate their minds and keep memories fresh through music, poetry, socialization, art, and purposeful living exercise. Our role is to facilitate your journey and create routines that are meaningful and deliver moments of happiness and joy every day. More importantly, our community provides variety. We believe senior living communities should balance these actions with comfort, safety, and overall well being. We encourage you to visit Grand Living to see first-hand how happy our residents are.

Our Luminations® Program Helps You Thrive with Dementia

Senior Man Playing KeyboardMemory care services aren’t successful when they are inflexible. Your life doesn’t fit neatly into a one-size-fits-all category, so memory care shouldn’t either. If you were a social butterfly in your younger years, then your care should include daily socialization. The same goes for opera lovers and those who appreciate fine dining and the arts. We use our signature program, Luminations, to expand on that idea and provide a comfortable, secure environment for our residents to enjoy.

Resort-style senior living should be fun-filled and encouraging environments, and that’s precisely what we provide. In our Luminations program, we facilitate every moment of joy and happiness for you, with your unique interests and personality in mind. Dementia doesn’t have to equal a loss of self. Our goal is to help you enjoy your life the way you should. Our program relies on our experienced professionals getting to know you, and they’re outstanding at finding out what makes our residents happy and content. Learn more about the amazing results of the Luminations program by contacting us today. In addition to Luminations, we offer other programs including:

  • The Sterling Touch® signature customer service
  • Facets™ – embracing the many Facets of your life
  • New H.E.I.T.S.™
  • Bravo!™ music and arts
  • Grand Patriots™

Your Loved One’s Comfort is Important to Us

It’s essential to provide a high-quality living experience to seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Doing so helps our residents maintain healthy routines and stimulates their memories. Our amenities are top-of-the-line. We believe offering plenty of activities and venues is key to nourishing the mind and potentially slowing the effects of memory loss. Whether you intend to enter Grand Living, or you merely require a short-term stay, our team is more than prepared to create a warm and welcoming environment. At Grand Living, you can count on a fun-filled, soul-nourishing experience, complete with:

  • Quality dining options and restaurants
  • Lifelong learning programs
  • Quality wellness centers, including a pool, spa, and full-service salon
  • Highly-qualified medical practitioners and offices
  • Indoor and outdoor gardens
  • A chapel and meditation center
  • A library and grand lounge

We’re Always Learning More About Memory Care Techniques

While our staff’s greatest weapons are compassion and experience, they receive specialized training based on our industry’s ever-changing best practice and research findings. Education is essential to us. We place tremendous emphasis on continuous learning, which allows our staff to learn more about the illnesses their residents live with, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Through our commitment to continuing education, we strive to provide the highest standard of support possible. Our residents are the beneficiary of our dedication.

Tour One of Grand Living’s Communities Today

Ensuring our residents experience a high quality of life is a crucial principle at Grand Living. Our communities are filled with happy seniors. Our inclusive and comfortable environment plays a significant role in the success of our programs. Our residents build friendships, explore their interests, and enjoy their daily lives to the fullest. Please contact us today to learn more about our memory care services. We’ll be glad to answer any questions or take you on a tour so that you can see our programming and surroundings in person.

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