We understand the decision to select a senior living community is important. Below are some helpful educational resources.

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Senior Living Guide

Beginning the journey of looking for a senior living community for yourself, a parent, grandparent, or friend, whether independent Livingassisted living, or memory care is a challenge for everyone. In spite of what seems overwhelming at times, the journey can be a positive adventure. Supporting your parent, grandparent, or a friend by managing his or her golden years in a creative way can be a wonderful gift when you treat them to any of our senior living communities nationwide. There are many resources to help take the stress out of the search as well as ideas that will help you plan for a brighter tomorrow. Aging services related to housing and care in America are often changing, and you have many options. Each of us at Grand Living has been on this journey with our parents and family members during the past decade, and we have collectively worked in this field for well over 100 years. Based on our personal and professional experience, we have put together some resources that we hope will help you in your search.


Grand Living Signature Programs Available

Grand Living incorporates many signature programs to ease the transition of moving into our senior living community. Our programs cover everything from hospitality expectations and goals to integrating music into your everyday life. We aim to make things as comfortable as possible for you by providing a safe space with exciting activities, celebrations, and various ways of adding quality to your life. We take extra care when maintaining our living spaces and even decorate for holidays throughout the year. We want you to feel at home. Below are some of our signature programs conceived with you in mind:

The Sterling Touch®: Whether you are independent or need assisted living in our senior living community, you deserve the best our team has to offer. Grand Living collaborated with previous executives of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel hospitality group to create this signature service for our guests. It helps guide us through social interactions and working relationships while incorporating Vision, Foundation, and Principles.

FACETS™: This explicitly-designed signature program takes into account your social life, health and wellness, legacy, lifelong learning, and spirituality. We offer many opportunities for you to embrace and enhance these many FACETS™ of your life.

Luminations®: We have created a safe environment in which to interact with our residents who have dementia. We utilize their strengths and abilities to create moments of joy. The Grand Living staff embraces these victories and finds other ways to help with your memory care. We help you light the way.

New H.E.I.T.S.™: Hospitality, Experimental, Interactive, Teaching, Sterling are all the qualities considered when creating the NEW H.E.I.T.S. signature program. Grand Living brings multiple generations together to discuss and share ideas in hopes of creating a culture of mutual learning all while experiencing the same level of hospitality standards outlined by The Sterling Touch.

Bravo!™: Our staff believes in celebrating the arts every day. That is why our Bravo! Program incorporates music, theatre productions, dance, singing, and other entertainment to enrich your life every day at Grand Living. If you know how to play an instrument, we welcome you to show off your talents daily.

Grand Patriots™: Grand Living supports the troops by hosting monthly gatherings in our senior living communities to respect living veterans who served our country and honor those who have passed away. Our senior living community also welcomes family members and students in the area, so please join us in these celebrations.


Reach Out to Grand Living to Schedule a Tour Today

Grand Living is waiting to show you around our senior living communities! Our service-driven care staff provides all residents with the same amount of attention and dedication whether they are here for respite, long-term, or memory care. We apply the Sterling Touch in all aspects of our resort-style senior living community, from dining and culinary programs to promoting active engagement in our fitness and exercise classes. Call today to schedule a tour at any one of our campuses in Texas, Florida, Iowa, or South Dakota!


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WE RECOMMEND working with a professional Move Manager, as they provide a wonderful service that takes the stress and work out of moving. Visit to learn more, or speak to the Marketing Transition Support Coordinator at a Grand Living community to learn about move managers in your area.


A DAY IN THE LIFE AT AN ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY By ALFA – Assisted Living Federation Living Community: Published on May 9, 2013 “The dedication and passion of all the big-hearted people who choose to serve seniors is a reason why resident-centered senior living is the fastest-growing long-term services and support option in the United States. The high-quality, resident-focused care provided by these outstanding individuals and their communities is what our nation’s seniors need and deserve.” – Rick Grimes, President & CEO, ALFA. Click on the arrow to watch the video to the left, or watch it on YouTube.


YOU SAY GOODBYE AND WE SAY HELLO: THE MONTESSORI METHOD FOR POSITIVE DEMENTIA CARE by Tom & Karen Brenner Tom and Karen have dedicated years to working with persons living with dementia.  This practical tutorial explores the roles of the declarative memory system and the procedural memory system.  The book shares wonderful stories that lead to practical advice in continuing and developing your relationship with a person living with dementia.  Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. STAYING AFLOAT IN A SEA OF FORGETFULNESS: COMMON SENSE CAREGIVING by Gary Joseph LeBlanc A sensitive story about Gary’s life with his father as they traveled the journey together, discovering the importance of routine and structure in managing their relationship. He develops five main characteristics in the book that you as a caregiver should try to embrace while fulfilling the role of caregiver. They are Commitment, Compassion, Endurance, Unselfishness and Honesty. Available at Amazon. CREATING MOMENTS OF JOY by Jolene Brackey This wonderful book takes you on a practical journey of helping you understand the person with Alzheimer’s; explores tools that you can use to create positive outcomes in your relationship with someone living with dementia; gives practical hints for communications; makes suggestions for memory enhanced environments; and concludes with ideas on how to discover what will bring back joy to the person, and to you! Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


HUMAN VALUES IN AGING NEWSLETTER H.R. Moody, Editor Send an email to to subscribe to the newsletter. THE ALZHEIMER’S READING ROOM Read the newsletter online at: A one-stop resource that’s consistently voted the number one blog by notable outlets like The New York Times. Editor Bob DeMarco cared for his mother, Dotty, as she bravely fought Alzheimer’s in her final years. He continues to add to the more than 4,000 video and editorial items stored on the site. Topics include just about anything that will help educate and support caregivers, from those just beginning their care journey to those who are more familiar with the course of the disease.